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SmartTech Research

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Providing research about new and legacy consumer technology markets and custom insights with an industry expert orientation.


Evaluation of business models and product roadmap plans based on merit basis and the competitive environment.


Offer consultative feedback on strategic corporate, product, marketing and technology plans.


Conveyance of my opinions on companies and technology coverage areas through traditional white papers, blogs, webinars, trade show speaking, panels, social media videos, podcasts, TV interviews and press citations.

What SmartTech Research Does

CEO and Principal Analyst

As a technology industry veteran for over 25 years, Mark Vena covers many consumer tech topics, including PCs, smartphones, smart home, connected health, security, PC and console gaming, and streaming entertainment solutions. Mark has held senior marketing and business leadership positions at Compaq, Dell, Alienware, Synaptics, Sling Media and Neato Robotics. Mark has appeared on CNBC, NBC News, ABC News, Business Today, The Discovery Channel and other media outlets.


Mark’s analysis and commentary have appeared on and other well- known business news and research sites. His comments about the consumer tech space have repeatedly appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Forbes, USA Today, TechNewsWorld and other news publications.

Mark has been a resident in San Jose, California since 2007.

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